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274. Manifestos

Some days everyone needs a little extra encouragement. That’s when you can turn to these inspiring manifestos. The one above is from Holstee. The one below is about visual culture from Rencontres d’Arles.

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263. Breaking Mad

It’s no secret that I like Breaking Bad, but I have to admit the into is not very exciting. But what if you mix it up with an other populair tv-show Mad Men? This would be the result.

The music is “Smoke and Mirrors” by RJD2.

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262. Shitter

Here’s a project that works on three levels:

  1. It’s toilet paper. You can use it.
  2. It sends the message that social media is disposable…literally.
  3. It speaks directly to the psychology of social media narcissism. Purchasing this object proves the theory.

Just what is Shitter exactly? It’s your Twitter feed as toilet paper (of course).

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259.Cupcake ATM

In Beverly Hills a cupcake shop has come up with an innovative way to let customers get their fix: they now have a  24 hour cupcake ATM.

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255. Rock, Paper, Scissors

I never knew Rock, Paper Scissors was about strategy, (you can even buy a book about it or train online) but with the help of this infographic I’m sure I’ll win every game from now on. (click to enlarge)

And when this game becomes to easy and no one will play with you anymore because you always win, you can always play Sheldons version Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock:

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252. Microwhat

There sure are some weird weblogs out there. One of them must be Microwhat, a tumblr with before and after pictures of  microwaved food (and other objects). These bananas have been microwaved for 559 seconds.

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246. 7 Hours of Sun

Just a nice time lapse photoof 7 hour of sun made by someone with a deviantart-account called isilkrnfl.

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225. Periodic Table

This literal representation of the periodic table of the chemical elements made me smile! I don’t know who made this, but it’s on the Wake Forest University campus in Winston-Salem.

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221. Hairy Chest Tie

This hairy chest and stomach tie made me laugh out loud.You can buy one over here and I’ll guarantee you’ll be the coolest guy at the office!

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219. Breaking Bad Valentine’s Cards

Because Breaking Bad is one of my favorite  series, to me these are the coolest Valentine’s ever by Shimmering and White.

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211. TV Shows

Just a few characters of TV shows I like, ALL IN ONE.
See below if you want to check, who is who.
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205. Birdhouse for Bats

This birdhouse for bats made me smile. I found it surfing the web on this site.

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196. Pizza Planet Truck

I already loved Pixar movies, but yesterday I discovered a little joke of them and now I’m an even bigger fan! I saw that the Pizza Planet Truck, the truck that makes deliveries for Pizza Planet in Toy Story, apparently appeared in all the Pixar movies.

195. New Year’s Resolution Generator

Today is the day that you need to come up with you new year’s recolutions. If you need some inspiration for that, be sure to check out the New Year’s Resolution Generator!